Terrible Vinyl Album Covers

On February 25, 2013, in Entertainment, Music, by Jason Kane

Milk Man by Deerhoof

There are certain things in rock n roll that could doom a band for eternity. One of those disastrous plunders is having an appallingly distasteful and horrendous album cover. Now, here is the thing- album covers on vinyl records are supposed to be beautiful, representative or abstract. At the lowest common denominator, an album cover is supposed to entrance the viewer or intrigue the potential music listener. There is only one thing that can be said for the jacket sleeves on this subsequent list- yuck.

Jacky, Circo Encantado da Jacky

How any record company could allow this fatal flaw, or album cover, come into existence is beyond me. Circo Encantado da Jacky is a twisted nightmare in graphic design and imagery. It is not suitable to any rational human being. Furthermore, the concept of the design is horribly wrong. What it is, essentially, is Brazilian chanteuse, Jacky holding a magic hat and dressed as a magician. Further, what Jacky is pulling out of the hat are animals. Those animals are the depictions of an ebullient elephant and goofy looking dog. It is beyond comprehension that something this tacky and trite could be released for the greater music consumption population. Sorry, Jacky, but this is just one of the worst album covers of all time.

The Monkees, Pool It!

The Monkees have written some great and bad songs in their long lasting musical career. This is the band that brought you the hit song, “Daydream Believer,” among may other hits. However, the album cover for Pool It! is almost beyond words. Do you know that family pool picture your mother always keeps in one of the buried photo albums that was a big mistake in photo-op history? Well, a good way to imagine this album cover is to picture the worst pool photo of all time and inside that photo are the three grown Monkees inside the same pool toy. What is this even supposed to signify? Furthermore, what does Pool It! even mean? This album asks all the wrong questions and it does not take long to realize you are staring at a big photographic mistake.

Deerhoof, Milk Man

Whatever Deerhoof or their management thought about the creature on the album cover to Milk Men were completely off the mark. Not only is this alien-like creature weird it is creepy as well. I do not know whether to be afraid or grossed out. This brings me to my next point, if an album conveys or inspires mixed emotions like this, chances are it is an album cover that was properly displayed. In other words, this choice of album cover is as horrendous as it gets. This cover begs the question what in the world was the band thinking when they chose this graphic design?

Jason Kane is a vinyl record collector and avid music blogger. Jason collects his vinyl from SoundStage Direct, an online record retailer. 


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